How To Properly Hang Vinyl Siding

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Adding vinyl siding to your exterior walls is a major decision. It will completely change the look and curb appeal of your home. Vinyl is a great addition to most homes because it increases the insulation of your wall. It is a great material that could make your home more efficient during the summer and winter. However, you need to make sure your vinyl is properly installed. The most vital part of the installation is securing the anchor piece to the wall. This article explains how to secure the anchor piece.

Installing on Different Walls

Installing the anchor piece is very simple if you have wooden sidewalls. It is a little more difficult if you are installing vinyl over concrete or brick walls. You need to use different screws and special concrete drill bits to install the anchor piece. One good thing about a solid concrete wall is that you don't need to find the studs in the wall. To attach the anchor to wooden or stucco walls, you need to drill into the studs inside the wall.

Leveling the Anchor Piece

It is very important that there is an anchor piece at the top of each row of vinyl. Different vinyl brands have different anchor styles. Look at the instructions to see how far you should install the anchor from the top of the wall. It is usually just a matter of inches, depending on the brand and size of the vinyl. First, mark where the vertical studs (if necessary) are. Then, use a level to keep the anchor level as you install it.

Most anchor pieces have predrilled holes that are about 16" apart, which is the standard for stud spacing. Drill a screw at one end, but don't tighten it 100%. You want to be able to adjust the other end before you drill it into place. Once you have screws in each end of the anchor, you should double check the level. Once it is perfect, tighten the outside screws and add the center screws.

Once the anchor piece is secured, you can start to hang the vinyl from it. Every piece hangs from the piece above it. So, if the anchor is not level, then the vinyl will not be level either.

It is easy to see why installing the anchor piece correctly is such an important aspect of vinyl siding installation. The anchor piece is one of the few pieces of vinyl siding that actually needs to be screwed to the walls.